Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sun Light Eater (Breatharianism)

I had never heard the term 'Breatharianism' until last week when I met a woman who claimed  that she only lived on sunlight.
My first reaction was, "Sorry, say it again? Are you kidding me? You haven't eaten for 2 years? Give me a break! Nobody will survive without any food for more than 80 days!"
Laughing, she told me patiently that it was indeed what she had been doing, eating only light, nothing else, and drinking only 1-2 liter of water / day. A spirit had been guiding and telling her how to do it right.
"Maybe you are eating while you are sleepwalking?" I insisted.
No, she answered firmly.
"How about cooking? You have 4 children and a husband to feed. Don't you taste what you cook?"
No, she replied.
"I don't believe a single word of it. How many kilos have you lost within this 2 year period?"

2 kilos, she said.

Wow, imagine if I don't need to eat anything, how much money I can spare considering the amount of food I consume everyday? Nah, nah, I don't believe it.
If I don't have 2-3 X regular meals plus fruits, and some juice, I'll lose weight the next day.
Yesterday the digital number on my scale showed me that I had lost almost 1 kilogram for only having a single meal 2 days in a row.
If I didn't eat for 2 years,  the 2 kilos she lost would probably be the amount of weight of my carcass remains.

I looked at her voluptuous body, and generous chest size. In fact she weighted a great deal more than I did with my 162 cm and 50 kilos though we were almost in the same height.
She looked radiant, healthy and seemed happy and most importantly quite sane.
I wanted to ask her many questions but unfortunately some clients had been waiting for her.

The following day, I met 2 women who also had known this lady for a long time.
They told me that they wouldn't believe it would be possible eating only light for such a long period.
However they 'couldn't imagine  why she would lie to us', they said.
The mother of the lady in question's confirmed that her daughter did only eat light.
'I was very worried at first of course. How if she broke down, her organs didn't function and she died of heart failure? But then I see she is doing just fine. No health problems or whatsoever has she encountered ever since she gave up eating food altogether.'

Despite all the reassurance by these people, I was not at all convinced.
I did some research on this phenomenon and came across to this link.
I found the speaker, James Randi very entertaining, and I loved watching his mocking expressions
when he expressed his doubt on the whole thing.
I also read the  article in German on Wikipedia which explains the origin of this movement, Breatharianism. 

Anyway, enough of this talk, I plan to attend the real thing (or so I hope): the introduction of this controversial topic which is going to take place on 2 July and held by the lady.
I'm going to ask her the following questions:
How often does she go to the bathroom?
How is the menstruation cycle?
Has she seen any GP to have her blood checked?
Doesn't she want to contact James Randy and snatch the 1 million rewards?

I will keep you posted on developments. 
If you happen to know a Breatharianist, please share the story, I'll be very interested to  know more about this phenomenon. Or if you don't, but want to find out more, you can  join me and learn more about Breatharianism from the Lady Guru herself. 
Who knows, next time I am writing a blog, I can also claim that 'I haven't anything other than sunlight..
for more than 2 hours.'


Cahaya said...

Unfortunately I missed the introduction due to change of bus schedule.
The next introduction to Light Eater takes place on 23 July.
IWho wants to join in????

Cahaya said...

The answers for the questions above:
The sunlight eater doesn't go to the toilet, she eats nothing except sunlight, so out comes nothing.
She has a regular menstruation cycle
The blood test shows nothing unusual, everything is within normal range.
No, she won't meet with a sceptic like Mr Randi, even for 1 Million Dollar (!Oh my!) unless the spirit from another world tells her otherwise.