Friday, February 15, 2013

Energy vampire

The unsatiable Energy Vampire
Hunting for prey
I came across the the term "Energy Vampire" in some article some years ago and wished that I had been aware of the danger  involved in a relationship with an energy vampire much earlier before too much damage had been done. I wished I could have turned back the time and saved myself from the destructive power,- that poetically said "almost sucked the life out of me".
I guess writing this article is an attempt to help me come to terms: I cannot change what has happened and it is no use to cry over spilt milk. Life has to go on. It is humane to err. Blah, blah. And so on. 
But I also want to warn others not to make the same mistakes I had commited, and save themselves from the dangerous energy vampires. 

Huh, but what is actually an energy vampire?
Watch out...
It is easy to define what an energy vampire is: somebody who sucks out your good energy till you are left with less or without much energy to live your own life. You are left feeling exhausted, drained and depressed since the other person feeds off your energy.