Saturday, June 30, 2012

Green Smoothies Diary II

In the Green Smoothies Diary I mentioned that skin rashes broke out on my body due to an unknown reason (why, oh why!?)

Green Smoothie Day, everybody!
On the day 5 I suddenly noticed that my hair had fallen out more than usual! (more hysterical note here)
I loose only a few strands of hair everyday, this time I certainly lost more than a few, but fortunately much less than the average amount of 100 strands/day. Still I was anxious. Instead of having plenty of hair as Clent Manich, the guy featured in the Green Smoothies book promised, could I end up loosing it and looking like a bald condor with red blotches all around?
Fortunately the hair loss incident happened only that day, so I blamed the new band I used to tie my hair and decided to go on with the green smoothie / (half!-)raw diet experiment,  though it is hard not to have cooked foods when you usually eat them at least once or twice a day.

Monday, June 25, 2012


 homeopathic creme and globules
I took the homeopathic remedies which fortunately were effective to cure the annoying furuncle I mentioned earlier:

1. Myristica sebifera (Creme)
2. Mercurius Solubilis D12 (Globules)
3. Belladonna D12 (Globules)

I stopped taking the Belladonna after noticing that my eyesight was somehow affected. I didn't know for sure if this symptom was caused by Belladonna.

Green Smoothies Diary

See the introduction for green smoothie diet on this link 

On the first GS day I got black kale, dandelion, sugar melon, apricot, barley grass powder (from an organics shop) for my first portion of green smoothie. I added some water and blended all the ingredients for more than a minute till they looked creamy.
I am aware that my blender is not as powerful as the device recommended in the book, but it is the most powerful blender I have at the moment. The author of the book recommended a blender with a super powerful motor (1000 W) which can process a mixture at a high speed and even 'cook' it. AND it costs

Friday, June 22, 2012

Green Smoothies

I am a health freak, I admit.
I live only once (in this world we know of, at least), and I want to look after myself.
Though unspoken, I know from some people's reactions that they think I harp a little too much on my diets when they learn I buy organic products, drink veggie juice in the morning, cook what people consider healthy meals regularly, seldom eat out, and if I do, only at 'good restaurants'. I even create my own facial cremes, make my own soap, shampoo, etc. The only thing I wouldn't probably produce would be toothpaste. I tried to make it once, but the taste of baking soda mixed with green Heilerde (healing clay?) was so disgusting that almost made me gag. The toothpaste ended up as cleaning paste for our indoor fountain.
Yes, yes, now you understand why I sometimes get this look of dismay from people over my healthy lifestyle. To stay healthy I am willing to go to the extremes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sun Light Eater (Breatharianism)

I had never heard the term 'Breatharianism' until last week when I met a woman who claimed  that she only lived on sunlight.
My first reaction was, "Sorry, say it again? Are you kidding me? You haven't eaten for 2 years? Give me a break! Nobody will survive without any food for more than 80 days!"
Laughing, she told me patiently that it was indeed what she had been doing, eating only light, nothing else, and drinking only 1-2 liter of water / day. A spirit had been guiding and telling her how to do it right.
"Maybe you are eating while you are sleepwalking?" I insisted.
No, she answered firmly.
"How about cooking? You have 4 children and a husband to feed. Don't you taste what you cook?"
No, she replied.
"I don't believe a single word of it. How many kilos have you lost within this 2 year period?"

The beginning

Loving & Living together
The idea to set up my own blog to express my opinions and share my stories came when I finally got rid of an annoying walnut sized boil on my certain body part, thanks to the information found on the internet forum.
It started with a skin abscess which got infected and improperly treated. The small lump grew bigger within a week to a size of walnut, hard, rather painful and red, the symptoms which not only made me worried but also  hysterical due to its vulnerable location and size.
I started to do some research on the internet and came across to an internet forum on 'how to treat furuncle'. Some people wrote that operation was not really a good option considering the pain one had to endure and the risk for another boil to recur.
One member of the forum recommended homeopathy remedies that were 'effective against furuncle'.
Never wanting to undergo any surgery, if I could help it, I tried the remedies recommended and swore, if this horrible thing would go away, I would share my stories to others, and let them know that there would always be a solution to (almost) every problem.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Karotten-Ingwer-Yam Suppe

Auf einer Ausstellung habe ich eine Karottensuppe probiert, die mir zu fad schmeckte, ausserdem hatte sie eine bittere Note, vermutlich weil der Ingwer angebrannt war. Zufällig hatte ich frische Ananas als Proviant dabei, mit dieser Zutat schmeckte die Suppe viel interessanter und erfrischend.

So versuchte ich meine eigene Karotten-Ingwer Suppe zu kreieren. Bei meinem ersten Versuch habe ich Karotten, Ingwer und Kartoffeln verwendet. Zwar schmeckte mir diese Suppe besser, aber ich war noch nicht zufrieden damit. Ich hatte das Gefühl, das noch etwas fehlte.

Ich überlegte eine Weile und startete einen neuen Versuch mit den folgenden

für 3-4 Portionen


  1. Karotten
  2. Yam (Süßkartoffel)
  3. Ingwer
  4. Bouillon (Suppenwürze)
  5. Zwiebel
  6. Knoblauch
  7. Pfeffer, Muskatnuss

Zum Garnieren (Optional!)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trinkbarer Garten

Die Idee von dem 'trinkbaren Garten' entstand, als ich in einem Biogeschäft einen Krug mit Wasser, Kräutern und Obst gesehen habe. Das sah zwar gut aus, aber schmeckte nur ganz schwach nach dem Zutaten.
Da ich mit dem schwachen Geschmack der Mischung im Bioladen nicht ganz zufrieden war, habe ich überlegt, wie ich den Geschmack intensiver und besser machen konnte.
So habe ich zuhause einen Krug gesucht und einen gefunden, der eigentlich für die Zubereitung von Kakao gedacht war.