Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Williams Syndrome: Behind the smiling, cheerful face

Picture from: Williams Syndrome

I am always interested in learning something new, so I read quite a lot. 'Learning by reading (interesting things!)', that is my motto.

This time I am reading a novel about an 8 year old red haired child who has remarkable hearing and strong language skills, looks like an elfin and is very friendly to EVERYONE. 
She smiles a lot, even seeks physical contact with strangers (hugging, etc). Wow, an over-friendly, cheerful child, I thought. I have never met anyone like that before, or maybe I have been ignorant? True, I had bumped into some nice looking people carrying a sign 'A Hug is Free!' but I don't think they fitted into the descriptions above, at least not a single one of them looked like an elfin, otherwise I would probably  have been running into their arms and giving them hugs for free.