Friday, June 22, 2012

Green Smoothies

I am a health freak, I admit.
I live only once (in this world we know of, at least), and I want to look after myself.
Though unspoken, I know from some people's reactions that they think I harp a little too much on my diets when they learn I buy organic products, drink veggie juice in the morning, cook what people consider healthy meals regularly, seldom eat out, and if I do, only at 'good restaurants'. I even create my own facial cremes, make my own soap, shampoo, etc. The only thing I wouldn't probably produce would be toothpaste. I tried to make it once, but the taste of baking soda mixed with green Heilerde (healing clay?) was so disgusting that almost made me gag. The toothpaste ended up as cleaning paste for our indoor fountain.
Yes, yes, now you understand why I sometimes get this look of dismay from people over my healthy lifestyle. To stay healthy I am willing to go to the extremes.

I mentioned in my previous post Heimat? Wo bist Du? that my suffering from silent reflux changed my life ; If  you have been suffering sickness as long as I have, you would understand my predicament. I had to choose either I resigned and accepted the situation as it was or tried to learn more about my body and found out more about the symptoms. I chose the second option, and was very grateful when I eventually found the right diagnosis myself and could name the disease that had caused me so much misery. Since then I have had the reflux under control,  and enjoyed life more.

As a health conscious person, I dedicate a great deal of my time keeping myself and my husband healthy.
I have a juicer which I use on a daily basis. I juice mostly carrot, add some cucumber, sometimes red beet and bell pepper. After years of drinking veggie juice, I notice that the color of my palms has turned orange. One doctor asked me if I took Beta carotene supplements after looking at my palms.
Notice the orange discoloration?
My nephew, a half Dutch who lives in Holland, was very fascinated by the orange discoloration, -the color of Dutch football team, and eagerly asked me how much carrot I had eaten to get this kind of bright color.
I learnt from wikipedia later that my condition is called 'hypercarotenemia' or carotenosis.
Though discoloration is considered harmless, I'd rather have a 'normal appearing human skin color', although that means I have to stop drinking carrot juice.

So when a friend told me about a new healthy diet 'Green Smoothies' I was very curious.
Maybe the newest diet craze is a solution to end my hypercarotenemia? Instead of having orange palms I would have green palms instead? Nah, I hope not. It  seems that green smoothie is very good for your health. A nutritionist, Theodore Baroody, N.D., in his book "Alkalize or Die" says drinking or eating alkaline foods such as green vegetables can even help restore the pH balance and  eliminate hurburn.

But what is green smoothie? From the info in the book and on the site by Victoria Boutenko I gather that green smoothie basically consists of (organic!)

  • green leaves (spinach, black kale, mangold, etc),
  • fruits (apple, berries,  ripe banana, etc), 
  • herbs (parsley, coriander, mint, etc) 
  • liquid (water, juice).

40% of greens, 60% of fruits
You should not mix the leafy greens with starchy vegetables such as carrots, potato, etc.
Rotate your greens to get more balanced of minerals and vitamins and avoid a potential overdose of toxins in certain greens such as kale, spinach, parsley which contain oxalic acid

There is also an interesting story in the book by Clent Manich who claims that green smoothie and raw diets have improved his health immensely and helped his body to restore itself. I have heard a lot about the advantages of adhering to raw food diet, so that news is nothing new to me.
However when Clent also elaborates that not only has he lost over 100 kilograms, beaten diabetes, but his bald patches is also disappeared AND his grey hair is replaced with new growth in its natural color, I was, like-'W-O-W! Now that is really something, THAT 'hairy' part is amazing, though it sounds too good to be true! It seems that it is time for me to turn into a chameleon, changing color from orange to green!'

So here I am,  though not bald and thanks goodness, still having plenty of dark hair, am ready and excited to try the recipes and explore the wonders of the new diet.
If you google up 'green smoothies', you will find millions result which prove how popular this low fat diet is. People tell success stories of green smoothie's remarkable effects on their health.
However, before starting the diet and buying an expensive blender I think you'd better inform yourself on the side effects of drinking green smoothie to avoid any surprise or disappointment in case, for some reason or other- the diet doesn't work for you.

I get to go now, the leafy greens and fruits are waiting in the kitchen, shrieking and calling my name.
I will keep you posted on the experiment...!
And if you yourself are on this diet or you know somebody who has been living on raw diet, I'll be very interested to hear more about it!
You can follow up the experiment on the GS diet by clicking on this link.


FoodOxalate Content
(mg/100 g)
Apple0.5 ± 0.10.4 - 0.6
Almonds raw192 ± 41.3160 - 238
Apple jelly2.4 
Apple juice0.4 ± 0.10.4 - 0.5
Beans baked canned7.8 
Beans green15.7 
Beef groundND 
Beet greens953 ± 423668 - 1440
Beets canned66.2 ± 24.939.6 - 93.8
Beets raw81.1 ± 23.861.4 - 118
Biscuits  country20.1 ± 1.918.6 - 22.3
Bread french11.2 
Bread pita18.8 ± 0.818.1 - 19.6
Bread pumpernickel22.1 ± 1.221.0 - 23.4
Bread rye14.3 
Bread white21.1 ± 1.519.4 - 22.1
Bread whole wheat27.1 ± 2.324.7 - 29.2
Broccoli frozen12.5 
Broccoli raw2.9 
Broccoli steamed3.6 ± 2.01.8 - 5.4
Bun hot dog10.7 ± 3.18.1 - 14.6
Candy Musketeers bar42.2 ± 5.237 - 47.4
Candy Twix30.1 
Cereal Apple Jacks12.2 
Cereal Bran Flakes173 
Cereal Cheerios Frosted19.3 
Cereal Cocoa Krispies28.1 
Cereal Corn Flakes1.9 
Cereal Frosted Flakes12 
Cereal Frosted Mini Wheats53.3 
Cereal Multibran Chex38.1 ± 10.725.9 - 25.9
Cereal oats instant5.6 
Cereal oats quick2.1 
Cereal Shredded Wheat101.2 
Cereal Special K2.7 
Cereal Weetabix76.1 
Cheese American1.3 
Cheese cheddar0.5 
Cheese creamND 
Cheese puffs5.1 
Cherries sweet canned2.8 
Cherry pie filling canned1.6 
Chicken breast cooked0.2 
Chips corn26.2 
Chips Tortilla31.1 
Chocolate Hershey bar57.5 ± 8.550 - 66.8
Chocolate M & Ms60.4 ± 7.843.2 - 82.1
Chocolate syrup52.4 
Cocoa powder628 
Coffee beans24.3 ± 12.511.4 - 36.4
Coffee brewed0.9 
Collards5.2 ± 1.63.5 - 6.5
Cookie chocolate chip94.3 
Cookie chocolate peanut110 ± 13.499.6 - 125
Cookie Fig Newton52.8 
Cookie Oreo97.1 
Corn frozen1.7 
Cracker Carr55.9 
Cracker Wheat Thin20.5 
Cranberry juice cocktail0.8 
Cranberry sauce1.1 
Creamer Suisse chocolate34 ± 11.920.7 - 43.4
Cucumber pickled spearsND 
Dressing garlic/vin5.1 
Dressing non-fat ranch3.7 
Egg boiledND 
Flour white18.6 
French fries frozen21.7 ± 1.519.9 - 22.7
Garlic powder30 
Graham crackers23.6 
Grape jelly1.6 ± 0.31.2 - 1.9
Grapes red seedless1 
Ham curedND 
Hot dog1.6 
Kale1.9 ± 1.40.5 - 3.7
Lettuce iceberg0.6 
Macadamia nuts raw21.9 ± 7.714 - 29.4
Macaroni boiled6.6 
Milk chocolate4.3 
Muffin bran38.7 
Muffin English8.9 
Mustard greens2.7 ± 1.40.8 - 3.6
Okra61.5 ± 7.845.4 - 70.0
Olives black27.4 ± 19.212.7 - 55.1
Orange juice0.4 
Peaches canned0.6 
Peanut butter81.1 ± 30.653.2 - 116
Peanut butter fudge sticks43.2 
Peanuts raw71.9 ± 30.744.7 - 105.1
Peanuts roasted salted113.9 ± 35.377.2 - 149.5
Peanuts roasted unsalted71.3 ± 32.848.1 - 94.5
Pears canned0.6 
Peas green frozen0.3 
Peas snow30.8 
Peas steamed0.4 
Peas sugar snap60.3 
Pecans24.4 ± 3.320.2 - 30.4
Pepper bell red1.1 
Pepper black92 
Pineapple canned7.3 
Pistachio nuts roasted unsalted16.3 ± 4.213.7 - 21.2
Pop tart cinnamon12.7 ± 1.710.9 - 14.3
Pork tenderloinND 
Potato17.9 ± 8.75.7 - 28.5
Potato instant flakes82.5 
Potatoes mashed20 
Pretzels Roldgold26.3 ± 4.322.1 - 30.6
Pudding chocolate14 
Pudding vanilla0.6 
Punch fruit0.5 
Rhubarb451 ± 55379 - 511
Rice Bran225.4 
Rice white steamed1.8 ± 0.31.3 - 2.1
Snackwell apple cinnamon14.3 
Soda Coke, Pepsi, 7-UpND 
Soda crackers23 
Soup vegetable7.1 ± 4.43 - 13.4
Soup vegetable beef1.9 
Spinach793 ± 232537 - 987
Spinach canned463 ± 178271 - 785
Sunflower seeds37.4 ± 17.126.7 - 57.1
Sweet potato (yam)29.1 ± 39.40.2 - 86.9
Sweet potato canned30.6 
Swiss chard187 ± 74110 - 286
Tea (2g in 100mls boiled)7.5 
Tomato6.5 ± 5.82.5 - 13.2
Tomato sauce canned15 
Vanilla wafer7.3 
Vegetable juice V-87.5 ± 1.75.5 - 9.1
Wheat bran130 ± 42.483.6 - 193

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