Monday, June 25, 2012


 homeopathic creme and globules
I took the homeopathic remedies which fortunately were effective to cure the annoying furuncle I mentioned earlier:

1. Myristica sebifera (Creme)
2. Mercurius Solubilis D12 (Globules)
3. Belladonna D12 (Globules)

I stopped taking the Belladonna after noticing that my eyesight was somehow affected. I didn't know for sure if this symptom was caused by Belladonna.

I tried to keep the affected area dry and cleaned it with cotton wool everyday before applying the creme.
While applying the creme, I always tried to focus my mind on the task I was doing and visualized that the furuncle was getting smaller, softer and finally disappeared.

After 2,5 weeks the annoying thing really did disappear!


I was bitten by an insect on my thigh last year but didn't treat the bite. Unfortunately, it has developed into a relatively small boil called fibromatosis.
My dermatologist had seen no other solution / remedy against the condition and scheduled a surgery to remove the benign tumor, but I chickened out at the last minute.
I tried treating the lesion with the same remedies above but it seemed that the salve didn't work on this skin problem.

Not everybody responds to homeopathic treatment, nor does believe in the potency of homeopathy. 
I did not consult any dermatologist though the boil had worsened rapidly which could have led to potential blood poisoning / sepsis. 
This link guides you as to when you should see a doctor if you have boil(s).

If you know how to treat fibromatosis, please let me know.

Enjoy a boil-free day!

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