Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A place called home?

Some years back when I was  in a deep crisis, I wanted so badly to leave Vienna and lived somewhere else, a place I could call 'home'. But after looking at, searching for, seeing and visiting places and comparing them with Vienna, I came to realize two things:
Donau Turm
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First, Vienna was, is, the most beautiful city in the world as I can see from some of the pictures here.
Secondly, 'home' was, and is, not a place, but a state of mind. 
Home, in my opinion, is in your heart, home is when you live in harmony and peace with yourself.


Freyung Ostermarkt

Setagaya Park

Setagaya Park

Millenium Tower
Red Bull Brigittenauer Bucht
Regenbogen Parade


Pony See

Baumgartner Friedhof
Christmas market

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